Events at the Plaza

The Plaza is more than just a place to knock back the best cocktails in town. We’re also home to fantastic live shows and events.


Live Music

The Plaza has its own band, the Gatsby house singers, which provides quality entertainment for all our guests. Each week, we also have guest musical acts, covering a wide range of musical genres that cater to every taste, as well as regular DJ sets. With our state-of-the-art sound system, you’ll be able to hear every beat and key change with crystal clarity.


Tasting Events

Here at The Plaza, we take our drinks seriously, and we know that our clientele does as well. We offer in-house tasting sessions, covering all your favourites. Whether your tipple of choice is wine, rum, gin, or cocktails, let our resident experts guide you through what makes the perfect drink.


Dancing and more

As well as live music, we also showcase some amazing live dancers. With a variety of styles, including burlesque and the famous Plaza fire shows, you’re guaranteed an exciting afternoon or evening of live entertainment.


Ticketed Events

While most of our events are free to all of our customers, we also run special ticketed events. You can buy online from this very page and secure yourself a place at the best entertainment venue in town.

Sorry, there are no events planned at the moment, please check back soon.

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All events take place at The Plaza, at 44 Market Street in Atherton. To book a table for a free event or to secure tickets for a paid event, use the links above. Alternatively drop us an email at